Performance Squad
Karl Offord (

  • Physiological – within 1% of senior October trials ergo cut off

  • GB Start – Group C

  • Previous U18 representation at World Championship Level or Coupe

  • Junior – under 6: 40 at rate 24 for 2k ergo for men, under 7:35 rate 24 for 2k for women

Development Squad
Richard Mehrtens (

  • Junior – under 6:55 at rate 24 for 2k ergo for men, under 7:50 at rate 24 for 2k ergo for women

  • Under 23 – within 3% of October ergo cut off

  • GB Start – Group D

  • Medallist at Junior or J16 at National Schools Regatta

Liz Lewis (

The Academy follows the guidelines from GB Start and does not take on existing rowers. The following is a guide to the minimum anthropometric requirements on the programme:

Women – 14 – 22 years old – 178cm (5’10”)+

Men – 14 – 20 years old – 188cm (6’2”) +


Athletes wanting to put themselves forward for any of the above squads MUST be eligible for the Welsh HIR team or be able to prove that they will be eligible for the next HIR event.

Representing Wales 

To represent Wales at the Home International Regatta, you must fulfil one of the requirements below and be able to provide evidence in support of eligibility:

  • Having been born in Wales

  • Having a parent or grandparent born in Wales

  • Having resided for not less than six consecutive months in Wales and having been a member of a rowing club therein during that time.

  • Where a rower lives in Home Country A and rows in Home Country B actively for more than six months that athlete may opt to row for either country

  • Where a rower has competed for Wales before.